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The GoodNewsCoach will help remind, encourage, and train you to be better at evangelism! This free app is a valuable tool for those seeking an accountability push from a trusted mentor, or the other way around. It's also a training tool to help you have effective Gospel "conversations"... not just "presentations." Use it to make sharing the Gospel regularly a reality instead of an unmet expectation.

Living life in a whirlwind is a reality for most people, and priorities can shift in moments. Evangelism is one of those priorities that must not be set aside or forgotten! Setting a personal expectation to share the Good News of Jesus is only the first step in evangelism. The next phase is personal inspection.

The very reason we allow teachers to grade our work, and supervisors to check our progress is because we typically don't do what's expected, but we usually do what's inspected. The same is true for evangelism. The GoodNewsCoach can help!

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